Hire a photographer and get great family pictures of your trip to Paris

Family pictures in Paris

You’re planning a family trip to France and you want to make sure to get great family pictures in Paris. Hire a Parisian photographer! Each family photo shoot is different depending for example on how many and how olds the kids are. Perhaps you’re even here for quinceañera pictures of your daughter or senior pictures of your son. A family trip is something to remember and the best way to do so is to do a photo shoot in Paris with us. If you have any question please check our Q&A or contact us directly.

Maternity pictures in Paris

You’re on a baby moon trip to Paris? Or perhaps you’re waiting for your second child already? We can do fun family pictures, romantic couple pictures and gorgeous maternity pictures in front of the most famous landmarks in Paris. It’s best if your bump shows at least a little bit but of course it’s best not to take the plane at a late stage of your pregnancy. Therefore, try to be in Paris around your seventh month.

A photo shoot in Paris with friends

Friends are like family, right?
Doing a photo shoot with your friends while you are in Paris is a must do if you want to live a great experience and to celebrate your friendship. The good thing is that during a photo shoot with friends you can also do some professional solo pictures. Let your selfy stick at your hotel and come have fun!

Last minute photo shoot in Paris

It’s usually best to book your Paris photo shoot a few months ahead, especially if you are coming to Paris during spring or summer. But most of the time it’s possible to book a photo shoot at the last minute. Of course, a short photo shoot is easier to schedule than a long one.

My Paris Photo Shoot

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